An official at the Buckingham Palace has listed a number of “dos and don’ts” after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently moved into Frogmore Cottage situated in the Queen’s Windsor Estate.

The  “dos and don’ts” guidelines are:

Don’t approach or instigate conversation if you see the Royal couple

Do say ‘Good Morning’ or some other pleasantry if they speak to you

Don’t pet or stroke their dogs, even if they come over to you

Don’t offer to walk their dogs

Don’t ask to see baby Archie or offer to babysit

Don’t post anything through the letterbox of Frogmore Cottage

While others reported that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry banned their neighbors from speaking to them, a Buckingham Palace spokesperson has addressed the confusion around the new rules.

A spokesperson said that while “guidance” was offered to the community in a meeting, Meghan and Harry were not the ones to create a mandate; rather, the direction was given by an “overly protective palace official.”

“The Duke and Duchess didn’t request this, didn’t know about it, and had nothing to do with the content or guidance offered,” said a spokesperson, according to ITV.

According to the Sun, a spokesperson also clarified that “this was a well-intentioned briefing to help a small local community know how to welcome two new residents and help them with any potential encounter.”

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