Female Nigerian twitter, @OhTimehim claims Big Brother Nigeria “Biggie” sexually assaulted her

The lady not only accused BBNs Biggie but also exposed his identity as Andre blaze henshaw

Read her tweets below

Just a friendly reminder that all of you watching Big Brother are listening to the voice of Andre Blaze Henshaw, who sexually assaulted me while I was incapacitated, in full view of other people, and despite the fact that another woman who saw him tried to make him stop.

Tell me again how survivors “speaking up” and “naming our abusers” somehow magically stops them from having the resources, social space and power to abuse other people.

Tell me again how accusations of sexual violence are terrible things that ‘ruin men’s lives’.

The BBC never apologised, by the way. Nor did they seem to remember or care what they did before inviting me to speak at another one of their ‘pro-woman’ events this year. Trololololol.

And now I’ve just remembered what happened to T-Boss *on camera*, and .

The problem isn’t that most people don’t believe survivors — even though that’s a huge problem in and of itself. The real problem is that people simply do not care.

If this news is reaching you for the first time, please be reminded that it is news *to you*. I’ve been talking about this for years. I don’t care if you believe me or not. I’m just reminding you that some of us know the truth: y’all don’t care about sexual violence or survivors.

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