The back and forth banter between Zodwa Wabantu and members of the LGBT community might be coming to an end as the pantless dancer has apologized over her comment.

Recall that her comment of gay people being silly and not being sure of their genitals had left many viewers aggrieved and leading to the #ZodwaCancelled campaign.

Zodwa however apologized to the South African LGBT community in last weekend’s episode of her  “Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored” reality TV show, days after DSTV distanced themselves from her comments.

Narrating how a DJ friend reached out to her via text explaining why her comments were deemed homophobic, the Pantless dancer said she wasn’t aware that the phrases she uttered were considered both transphobic and homophobic.

“I would like to say to every bisexual, transgender (and) gays. I would like to apologise from the bottom of my heart. I didn’t mean it like that,” she said

She added that she believes that no one should be bullied, as she would not also like to be bullied. Here is a video of her apology below;

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