The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB in its announcement of plans to sanitize the examination sub-sector in Nigeria, alleged that most corrupt Nigerian leaders started off with exam fraud.

According to the exam body, it is a fallacy to think that these leaders will outgrow that phase of experimenting with examination malpractices. The disclosure made in JAMB’s weekly bulletin, reads in full;

“Corruption is not a peculiar African or Nigerian problem. Regrettably, most of the measures deployed to fight corruption, more often than not, fail to yield desired results. If the malaise of corruption is not holistically addressed at the stage of examination malpractice, which is most times sponsored by parents, it will grow to become a monster.

“Many corrupt leaders today might have started off on this path through experimenting with examination malpractices. It is a fallacy to think that such individuals would outgrow such acts. This set of individuals mature to something more destructive and demeaning in the long run. The polluting effects of corruption warrant the adoption of a holistic approach in fighting corruption right from the school level.

“JAMB is leading the onslaught against perpetrators of examination infractions. It is the responsibility of citizens and other government agencies to sign up for this critical national assignment. Unfortunately, national challenges are sometimes perceived by Nigerians as the exclusive headache of the agency.”

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