No matter how much an individual would like to avoid the subject of the environmental degradation our planet suffers from and what to do to escape the worst possible scenarios, the discussion continues. The fact is there are many ways in which we can try and make things better. Introducing methods to acquire clean energy is one that the country of Nigeria can especially appreciate.

Scientists continue to reveal disturbing discoveries regarding the topic all the time to the rest of the world. And quite rightly so, as it influences so many aspects of our lives. A great deal of conscious enough people understands this fight is crucial. One of the biggest problems when it comes to a collective effort to keep our planet in a healthy condition, apart from too little engagement from regular people, is the lack of initiative coming from the big players. The fact is international conglomerates and the most significant businesspeople are not always keen on adjusting their practices to modern, environmentally friendly solutions, especially if it means they would have to invest their own money to make it happen.

Of course, all hope is not lost, as more and more companies seem to understand the gravity of the situation. Even such prolific moneymakers as casino establishments have started to invest in clean energy to keep the costs down. Finding new ways of conducting their business to reduce harm to the planet could result in lower expenses. And in the end, it will benefit all of us. In fact, renewable energy could be the key to minimizing the emission of gases into the atmosphere.

There should be little doubt by now about Nigeria’s own problems with taming the negative effects themodern world has on the environment, most infamously, with air pollution’s gloomy implications. Even more severe troubles concern the issue of energy security. Only 40 percent of the 170 million people estimated to make up the country’s population has access to the electricity supply. That’s why official government policies such as the Nigeria Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policy (NREEEP) are socritical. So, too, is the work of Arnergy  a Nigerian distributed utility company. Their cause has recentlyraised $9 million, and the involved parties plan to provide local households with “cheaper, cleaner and more reliable power solution to meet their daily needs.

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