An Indiana teen has Brutally stabbed her Mother for reason still unkown has been sentenced to 45 years in prison.

On Wednesday, 17-year-old Chastinea Reeves was sentenced by a Lake Superior Court judge as part of a plea deal, the Chicago Tribune reports.

During the hearing, the teen told the judge she regretted murdering her mother.

“If I could go back, I wouldn’t do it,” Reeves said. “I do miss my mother.”

In Feb. 2017, Reeves’s mother, Jamie Garnett, 34, was found dead in their Gary home she had been stabbed 60 times.

It’s unclear what motivated Reeves to kill her mother.

She was charged with murder and in May pleaded guilty, accepting a plea deal, according to the Tribune.

“Your being young doesn’t impress me. You knew better. You knew better than this,” Judge Diane Boswell told Reeves Wednesday

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