A newborn who was delivered on board a train in Ireland will be given free travel for 25 years, it has been announced.

The baby girl was born on a train from Galway to the capital Dublin on Tuesday after her young mother went into labour.

Many people on the train were heading to Dublin to attend a Backstreet Boys concert.

An Irish Rail spokesman said: “All under 5’s travel for free, and we are offering the baby girl another 20 years until age 25.

“We will be hoping to help mum out as well.”

Passengers on board the train helped to deliver the infant, including a doctor who admitted he was “terrified”, the Irish Mirror reported .

Dr Alan Devine was on the train from when the young woman went into labour.

The medical professional was on his way to a conference when the train suddenly came to a halt.

He said: “I was terrified to be honest. I probably shouldn’t say it but I was trying to do what they say ‘A duck in a pond’ does. It’s sliding along cool looking but underneath the legs are going crazy. It was a bit like that.

“I’m a GP in training and not currently working as one. I would be far removed in dealing with this kind of situation.

“Even my training when I would have assisted with births and that kind of thing, it would have been in the hospital and totally surrounded by midwives in a sterile environment.

“But with this, it was totally chaotic and like ‘this is happening whether we like it or not so let’s deal with it as best we can.’

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