A massive Cruise ship crashes into a tourist river boat and a dock in terrifying collission on a busy Vernice canal.

The crash led to five female tourists injured.

The cruise ship hit the tourist river boat, River Countress, on a canal in Venice on Sunday morning

Local Italian media report that at least five people have been injured following the shocking crash in the city. Dramatic footage shows the moment the cruise ship is unable to halt its momentum before its collision.

Four female tourists were injued as they tried to run away, it has been reported. The collision, which saw the luxury MSC Opera cruise liner crash into the small River Countess, took place at about 8.30 am on the Giudecca Canal- one of the major canals in the ancient city.

MSC Cruises said the 2,679-passengers onboard the 177-ft high and 902-ft long long liner, which dwarfed the Venice skyline, were approaching the terminal when the ship hit the San Basilio dock after a technical problem.

Dramatic footage from the scene shows the moment the cruise ship was apparently unable to stop its momentum and blaring its horns, ploughs into the much smaller river boat as dozens of terrified spectators flee the chaotic scene.

Watch the video below

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