Controversial ex-Big Brother Naija contestant , Gifty Powers made some damning revelations about her ex-husband .

Once again, she also shut down reports musician , Mr.2Kay is the father of her baby.

During a question and answer session with fans , when Gifty was asked if Mr.2Kay is the father of her daughter , Aisha, she responded ’Drake is the father’.

She then addressed her marriage in 2017,revealing she was divorced within a year.She also called her ex husband , impotent.


In Febuary this year , Gifty confirmed she was remarried and said she was keeping the father of her daughter a secret .She told Vangaurd

Well, a father is one who takes full responsibility of his child, who adores his child, who makes sure that an “ant” never reaches his child’s shoe lace.

So, to answer your question, I’m keeping the identity of my daughter’s father (my husband) because we always protect those we truly love,”

“This is my second marriage and yes, it is official and ordained by God. Well, my first marriage was never official (which I thank God actually).The truth is, everyone is trying to make a name just by playing unnecessary stunts available on ground.

Now, everyone is entitled to their own point of view whether ugly or stupid, but that doesn’t matter to me. I’ve got lots on my plate, especially now that I have a daughter in my life, that’s my number one priority and it will always be.

But I will cross millions of miles if any soul drags my daughter’s name or tap her unnecessarily, whether knowingly or unknowingly, she’s my life. So any talk is pointless,” she said.

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