Kanye had no ulterior motive when he asked a mother to permit him to sample a viral clip of her daughter praying, but it might seem as though, it was probably the wrongest mother to ask — according to a recent lawsuit.

Andrew and Shirley Green have come out to confirm that they are the legal guardians of the little girl, Natalie, whose voice could be heard at the beginning of Kanye’s song, “Ultralight Beam.”

The audio was cut off from a viral video of Natalie happily saying a prayer when she was 4.

However, according to TMZ, Andrew and Shirley have said the cute kid, Natalie was adopted by them in December 2012 — but West and his team spoke to Natalie’s biological mom, Alice Johnson, for permission to use Natalie’s voice.

The Greens concluded that Alice Johnson had no right, legally, to succumb to Kanye West’s request.

Thats not all.

The Greens also said Kanye and his team ought to have written and sent a license agreement plus payment to Alice, but failed to do so.

They are now suing Kanye to get their share of the profit from ‘Ultralight’ including other damages that are still unclear presently.

TMZ reached out to Kanye’s team for response, no reply as at the time of writing this.

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