Legendary singer, R.Kelly just got himself banned from Philadelphia and if you have any idea why this happened, your guess is as good as to mine.

The RnB crooner received a ban from the city over his alleged sexual, physical, and mental abuse of young ladies.

Everything keeps falling apart for the singer after the release of hit docuseries, “Surviving R. Kelly,” a TV program that talks about all things R.Kelly and his alleged sexual crimes.

According to CBS Philly, The Philadelphia City Council agreed to ban the artiste from entering the city after Councilwoman Helen Gym’s “Mute R. Kelly” vow.

Her statement read, “We reject a system that silences black women and accepts black pain,” Gym confirmed on Twitter. “We believe survivors. R. Kelly is not welcome in Philadelphia. This symbolic act of solidarity puts all sexual predators on notice.”

“The resolution is about not accepting. It’s about being clear that we will not accept a future where rape is accepted, and rapists and sexual predators get away with their acts. I believe that R. Kelly and predators like him should be shamed and banished from the public sphere.”

CBS Philly thoughn did not forget to state that this resolution is only symbolic, as it cannot be enforced and R.Kelly will not be thrown behind bars or physically removed from the city if he tries to perform or come in for a visit.

Gym said the resolution was simply a statement to inform the singer that the city is fully backing his survivors and is seriously against sexual abuse.

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