A sports presenter, Jacquie Beltrao, has revealed that she had undergone an £11,000(N5.2m)facelift in December 2018, in a bid to save her television career.

Jacquie, who had battled breast cancer and had a mastectomy, said she felt better about seeing herself on the screen after the surgery, reports Daily Mail.

She, however, admitted that she felt pressured to maintain a youthful appearance in her TV career, in contrast to the “old, fat, grey, wrinkly” male presenters who are “always going to have a job”.

Jacquie also revealed that she wanted to celebrate five years of being cancer-free.

Inspired by fellow TV stars, who have taken the plunge, Jacquie underwent the six-hour procedure in December to mark the “special occasion”.

The sports presenter and model also claimed that her chemotherapy treatment had aged her appearance.

Jaqcuie said, “My first day back at work was just before Christmas, I felt great. I am more confident and what I wanted to have done has definitely been achieved – I feel great and it really freshened up my face.

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