The President was a guest on The Candidates, a live presidential Town Hall Meeting for the 2019 presidential candidates and their deputies yesterday January 16th where he reacted to many things.

President Buhari has reacted to speculations surrounding his health.

When asked by the moderator, Kadaria Ahmed, to react to speculations that he isn’t fit to run again, President Buhari said he is fit to rule for another four years and that when he starts going for his campaigns in various states, Nigerians will see how fit he is.

Speculations surrounding President Buhari’s health increased in 2018 when he left Nigeria for four months to treat a yet to be disclosed ailment.

President Buhari has said that he has not commented on the allegations of bribery against Kano State Governor Umar Ganduje simply because the Kano State House of Assembly has commenced investigations into the matter and that he isn’t sure what kind of technology was used in making the video.

President Buhari said this yesterday when he spoke at the Town Hall Meeting where the 2019 presidential candidates and their running mates have been scheduled to respond to questions about their manifestos.

According to President Buhari, he has seen the video and is shocked and finds it hard to believe that Ganduje would brazenly accept bribe from contractors and smile while at it.

He added that he would seek for clarity on the case when he goes to Kano for campaigns.

President Buhari has declared that if he loses the February 16th presidential election, it will not be the first time of him losing elections.

When asked by the moderator, Kadira if he would leave office should he lose in the February 16th 2019 election, President Buhari said he would not be perturbed as it would not be the first time he would be losing an election.

”It won’t be the first time I will lose election. I tried 2003 and I was in Court for 13 months, 2007. I was in court for 18 months in 2011 and went up to the Supreme Court. I sat down and said God Dey. For the fourth time, God and technology helped me” President Buhari said

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