Some thieves have reportedly invaded Kanu Nwankwo’s Hotel, The Hardley Apartments.

Accoridng to reports, the hotel located at Waziri Ibrahim Crescent on Victoria Island, Lagos was invaded and the former footballer’s football medals, trophies, plaques and other valuable items were stolen.

Kanu Nwankwo is said to have been told that his hotel which has been sealed up since 2015 due to an alleged default in transaction between it and Skye Bank (now Polaris Bank) was now being occupied by some authorized persons.

The hotel has since been under renovation.

Speaking with The Cable, Kanu said;

“It was a rude shock to me… “I almost couldn’t recognise the hotel as belonging to me anymore. This is the saddest day of my life as I cannot understand why this happen to me when the matter has yet to be settled in court.

“All the medals I have earned, in addition to the Olympic torch that I cherished are all gone and I don’t even know who to ask for all these prized assets.”

A man who was seen supervising the illegal renovation told The Cable’s correspondent saying;

“This is unacceptable in all ramifications. I have not been served any notice that I have lost this property and until I am served the notice, it remains my legal property,” the former Super Eagles’ captain said.

“Even cars and buses belonging to the hotel can no longer be found and I wonder where they could have been moved to without my knowledge,” Kanu further said, even as he lamented how the four-year seal of the facility had adversely affected treatment for numerous patients that his Kanu Heart Foundation planned to rescue from their ailment. “We have used proceeds from the hotel business to effect treatment for the patients over the years and now we are being forced to seek funds elsewhere, a situation that has stalled the treatment considerably especially since 2016.”

An emotion-filled Kanu submitted: “During my service to this country in football up to year 2000, I made many Nigerians happy. I don’t think I deserve this sadness in retirement.”

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