A 10-year-old girl has committed suicide to make her mum happy. The child left a heartbreaking suicide note explaining that she took her own life so she could make her mum ‘the happiest woman in the world.’

Reports have it that emergency services received a call claiming a girl had hanged herself at 10.18pm on January 6.

The note revealed that girl saw herself as a ‘pain’ and ‘ruin’ in her mother’s life, and her death would be a ‘great present’ for her.
The letter read thus;

Dear Three Kings, I only want to ask you my mum will be the happiest woman in the world after I will not be here any more as I am only a pain and a ruin in her life since I was born, as I was the reason my dad left our house.

I want to ask my mum to be calm, not to work a lot, the best present I can ask is her happiness. I hope some day you remember me and in the sky, finally, you hug me.

I think the best present for the Three Kings is if I kill myself. As you always said to me I wish you had never been born. I love you so much, mum, I know the Three Kings do not exist but I give you this great present.

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