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The race to determine the Most Stylish Man of 2018 is over. We started with 64 well-dressed dudes who duked it out via your votes to win some serious bragging rights: the year’s king of fits. This year’s bracket wasn’t without its surprises: Seth Rogen took out Migos. Jeff Goldblum was a sure bet to take the whole thing until he ran up against sweater vest-lover Ryan Deadpool Reynolds. A$AP Rocky’s cool points couldn’t topple John Legend’s best-dressed dad rigs. The Rock swooped in to steal Rami Malek’s spot in the semifinals just minutes before the end of the quarterfinals. That freed up everyone’s favorite hulking would-be president to go up against his Jumanji co-star Nick Jonas in the finals. And from the get-go, Jonas had a commanding lead that stayed with him until polls closed.

His wife recently reacted to this on her IG page ;

Priyanka Chopra reacts as her husband Nick Jonas is named GQ

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