A Florida woman has been convicted of helping mastermind the killing of her husband nearly two decades ago.

Jurors convicted Denise Williams of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Prosecutors contended Denise Williams plotted the killing in a scheme seeking a $1.75 million life insurance payout.

Brian Winchester testified he had an affair with Williams and shot her husband in December 2000.

Mike Williams, 31, was pushed from his boat, then shot point blank by Winchester, his best friend, during a hunting trip 18 years ago this Sunday.

Winchester eventually married Williams but the relationship later soured.

It was speculated at the time that he drowned and his body was devoured by alligators.

His buried body was found last year.

On December 16, 2000, Brian Winchester and Mike Williams went duck hunting at Lake Seminole.

During testimony, Winchester recalled how he shot Williams in the face from a yard away.

He then stuck his best friend’s body into a dog crate and quickly traveled to Tallahassee to bury the body at a familiar hunting spot.

Winchester tried to make it appear as if Williams went missing in a boating mishap – and the plan appeared to work.

Authorities kept searching for weeks and were unable to find Williams.

Almost three weeks after he went missing, Denise Williams filed an insurance claim.

She now faces life imprisonment.

Culled from Mailonline

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