Libyan authorities forcibly removed dozens of migrants who had barricaded themselves in a container ship in the port city of Misrata for the past 10 days after being picked up at sea.

The migrants had refused to disembark, saying Libya is too dangerous for them.

They were attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe earlier this month when they were rescued at sea by a cargo ship, Nivin, that was already bound for Misrata.

Human Rights Watch said some migrants were taken to hospital late Tuesday while others were taken to a detention center in Misrata.

Libya’s navy spokesman, Ayoub Jassem, said security forces boarded the ship after negotiations with the migrants failed to convince them to disembark voluntarily.

“Only 14 of at least 94 migrants agreed to leave the ship,” he told The Associated Press. “Only six migrants were wounded in the operation and they were taken to a nearby hospital.”

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