Mel B has claimed that her former husband filmed 64 videos of the couple having threesomes and threatened to release them.

She said she and ex Stephen Belafonte would regularly have threesomes with other women, but he would often film her – unaware – in the act, and drugged and drunk afterwards.

The Spice Girl, 43, said in her new autobiography, Brutally Honest: “The threesome was my idea, but of course my then husband was well up for it ­— as long as there were no other men involved. It had to be women, which suited me fine because I love women. I’ve always found women’s bodies so much more beautiful than men’s bodies.

“I have no issues with my sexuality. I’ve been in relationships with men and women. I don’t think it’s shameful to like s-x, I don’t think it’s shameful to experiment -as long as it is all consensual — and I believe women can enjoy and initiate sex just as much (if not a whole lot more) than men.”

She explained that they would both go to nightclubs and pick out women to join them back at home, where they would have threesomes on the top floor “several levels above the children, who would be asleep”.

But by November 2017, as part of a mediation ­settlement during their divorce case, Mel agreed to drop domestic violence ­charges in order for all the 64 s-x tapes he had made during their marriage not to be shown in open court.

Mel adds that it was a legal requirement for her to watch all of the 64 videos, which led her to be “traumatised. It is an understatement”. She explains that she suffered flashbacks: “Me waking up in pools of piss, vomit, s**t and blood, being mortified, dragging myself up and rolling up my white sheets. Stuffing them soiled and filthy into bin bags, showering over and over again.

“I wasn’t crying, because I was in a place beyond tears, but I was making strange, ­uncontrollable animal whimpers.”

Elsewhere in the book, she said she had a suicide attempt just days before The X Factor’s 2014 final – and that she was addicted to cocaine at the time.

She said she would begin each morning by waking up and taking a line of coke, which would fuel her into going in to her day job at Simon Cowell’s reality show in 2014.

“I was a sad, pathetic person. I was out of control,” she wrote.
Her shattered mental state even led her to a suicide attempt, as she took 200 aspirin pills in a her rented house in Knightsbridge, just two days before the final of the show.

She then realised that she wanted to live, so threw her body at the door frame of a jammed door to try and escape and get to hospital – which is why she claims she was covered in bruises when she finally made it to the final of the ITV show.

“Behind the glitter of fame, I felt emotionally battered, estranged from my family. I felt ugly and detested by the very man who once promised to love and protect me, my husband and my manager, Stephen.”

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