An 11-month-old baby girl has died after allegedly being raped and abused by her babysitter’s husband.

Little Zara’s mum has revealed her heartache following the infant’s death last Friday – two days after the alleged attack.

Mother Noraihan Ab Aziz, 22, had left Zara with her babysitter in Malaysia while she went to work, reports Channel News Asia.

However, she then received a phone call saying her daughter was in a critical condition in hospital.

Ms Noraihan said: “The babysitter had called me five times, but my phone was out of coverage at the time.

“Upon arriving at the hospital, I found the babysitter feeling very sorry.

“My heart ached when I saw Zara’s heart-wrenching condition.”

The little girl is said to have suffered injuries to her genitals, as well as a “blunt impact to the head” which left her skull fractured.

Both the babysitter and her husband have been arrested.

In a Facebook post, Zara’s devastated mum wrote: “You’re in peace there my dear … Wait for mother in heaven.”

Ms Noraihan, from Kuala Lumpur said she found the babysitter two months ago after she posted on Facebook looking for someone to take care of Zara.

The babysitter messaged her and said she would happily take on the role.

Ms Noraihan went to the woman’s house, saying she had no reason to be suspicious.

Se added: “I went to see her, and from the way she spoke to me, I saw nothing suspicious.

“However, at the time, the babysitter’s husband [was] not at home.”

Ms Noraihan, her husband Muhammad Zainal Abduk Rahaman, 27, and her four-year-old son Muhamad Alif Zamani returned to their hometown of Rantau Panjang in Kelantan, where they buried Zara on Saturday.

Ms Noraihan said she hoped her heartbreaking ordeal could help other parents in being more careful when choosing a childminder.

The husband has tested positive for methamphetamine, police said.

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