A man has regained consciousness 12 years after slipping into a coma.
Wang Shuboa, a 48-year-old Chinese man went into a coma after a car crash in 2006. His mum looked after him around the clock, reports Mirror. .

Shuboa was 36 when the crash occurred. He spent more than a decade being cared for by his mom, Wei Mingying, who was at his side when he regained consciousness. .

Shouguang, 75, spent all her savings on her Shuboa’s treatment and revealed that, at times, she went for a month without eating. She is now £13,000 in debt as a result of huge medical bills. .

Tearful Shouguang was at his son’s side when he opened his eyes, having spent years rising at 5am to wash, feed and tend to him. His father died when he was young, meaning she was responsible for caring for him.

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