After just two days Canada has already started running out of weed with police being called to help at some stores.

There were long queues and reports of shortages across different parts of the country with some being unable to buy cannabis. After waiting seven hours in line at a store in downtown Montreal on Wednesday, a man who only gave his name as Alexandre, 30, said he was turned away at closing at 9pm. Police stepped in to disperse the crowd, without incident.

Other people have been shocked by the relatively high prices ranging from Can$5.25 (£3.09) per gram in Quebec to $18.99 (£11.16) per gram in Saskatchewan. Before it was legalised the average price per gram was $6.79 (£3.99).

‘It was hell, it was cold,’ Alexandre said. ‘But we had fun anyway, talking with people in the crowd and sharing joints.’ He was back early yesterday morning to try again. ‘Yesterday was the day that everyone was waiting for but I think that little by little the queue will decrease,’ he said.

Genevieve Despres, 41, was one of the lucky ones to make it inside the store on Wednesday. She described the scene in line as ‘super friendly, we sang, we laughed, I made friends.’ ‘I do not usually smoke but since it was a historic day for Canada I thought I’d try.’

Despres smoked bought pot with a low level of THC, the psychoactive agent in cannabis. ‘My God it’s the bomb!’ she said – and returned with friends Thursday to buy more.

In Ontario, Canada’s most populated province, 38,000 orders for weed worth about $750,000 (£440,850)were processed in the first few hours on Wednesday, while in neighbouring Quebec 42,000 orders were processed in-store and online, smashing all expectations.

Canada on Wednesday became the world’s first major economy and only the second country in the world, after Uruguay, to legalise the recreational use of cannabis and embark on the controversial experiment in drug policy.

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