Timothy Omotosho sexual assault scandal as triggered women to speak out against fake pastors who victimize and  rape women who are vulnerable, under the guise of performing miracles and deliverance.

A Twitter user from Thohoyandou in South Africa has taken to her account to narrate how she had gone  to a well popular pastor who in return told her that she would need take off her clothes for him to insert holy oil into her vagina. Thi he said was to get rid of the demons that were troubling her.

To her utmost disgust, other church members and officials encouraged her to go ahead with it since the pastor has a sincere interest in rendering help to her. Lol.

But when she blatantly refused, she was told that the demons in her were trying to stop her from getting the needed deliverance she should receive.

To make matters worse, she was told that she would die if she ever tried to talk about whatever the pastor did.

And when she managed to escape and open up to her friend who had invited her, about what had happened to her in church, the friend refused to accept it was an act of rape, but instead said it was a normal thing that should be done.

According to the friend, it is the pastor’s anointing to sleep with women, to help them get rid of demons and evil spirits tormenting them and also to insert holiness into them.

Read her account of the incident below.

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