How do people generally react to being blocked on Social media? How do you react after discovering someone blocked you on social media platforms, like Facebook?

That act can be so painful, if you know it. Especially if you didn’t see it coming, or perhaps it just happened when you were busy putting up that savage response that you are convinced would be your killer punchline.

Well, overall, there are 8 ways people generally react whenever they are blocked on social media.  Be sure to read and know if any of the reactions speaks to you.

1. Some people just become confused. They start asking themselves rhetorical questions like, “What did I do?”, “Is it because of that small comment I made?”, “Na wa oo, is that how petty she is?”, “Why is he so immature?”

2. Some starts writing out painful sub post immediately, with intent to channel their pain into somewhere else.

3. Some other people will start leveraging on other channels to reach you. They may consider reaching your friends, and also telling them to help ask why you blocked them.

4. Some will engage another account just to be able to reach or monitor you.

5. Some will start reaching your friends with false gist about you. They say things like, “It’s an eye for an eye. Block me, I block you.”

6. Very few will block you too in return and simply move on. No time for dillydallying.

7. Some do not even know. They don’t bother about it. They do not care. You are just another replaceables on their friend list. They easily replace you.

8. Some special people will get you blocked in real life. these category have a black book, and they just never forget about it. When come in contact anywhere, they may challenge you or just ignore you absolutely.

You may now want to ask yourself. Which of these 8 are you?

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