A self-proclaimed ‘caveman’ has boasted online about his years spent bedding dozens of young attractive backpackers he seduced on a Thai island.

Lothario Chatupoom Losiri posted pictures of several young woman sleeping naked on his bed on Facebook , claiming they had spent the night together.

The 47-year-old also claimed to have bedded a young Russian woman he met outside a grocery store.

But furious locals have voiced their fury at his antics, calling for him to be evicted and prompting police to search his home in the Full Moon Party island of Koh Phangan.

Despite claims that he lacked decency after his online bragging, no evidence of any wrongdoing was uncovered in the search.

Chatupoom calls himself the ‘Thai Caveman’ – a persona he uses to pick up women.

After posting a picture of a group naked women sleeping, he wrote that he was ”very tired” from the previous evening but still woke up to ”drink coffee and meditate” while they slept.

The caveman’s antics sparked outrage from locals who accused him of showing a lack of decency after dozens more images emerged of women he had taken back to his cave.

Police arrived at the cave, a former tin mine, yesterday and searched for anything suspicious but found nothing.

They admitted that Chatupoom had not broken the law but said they would monitor the situation.

Koh Phangan Sheriff Kairik Kraisong said: ”Officials on Koh Phangan have investigated the situation and performed a background check on the person, who was originally domiciled in Bangkok.

“He graduated with a degree from Silpakorn University.

“Koh Phangan district has made an inquiry to the landowner whether he will continue to let Mr Chatupoom live in the area or ask him to leave.

“Now there are no complaints. If there is a complaint, the officers can take legal action. This situation is precarious and risky, so I sent the staff to check and talk with Mr Chatupoom.”

Speaking to reporters, Chatupoom denied that he had done anything wrong and said that all of the women who visited his cave were there of their own choice.

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