A disgusting video shows a restaurant worker spitting onto a pizza base before ladeling tomato sauce on top. The clip, shared widely on Instagram and Facebook over the weekend, shows Jaylon Kerley soiling the dough base with a giant string of saliva.

He then continues prepping the baked treat – before apparently serving it up to an unsuspecting customer at Comerica Park ballpark in Downtown Detroit.

Kerley is said to have spat on the pizza Friday. He has since been fired from his job and arrested. His colleague Nell May, who posted the video, was also fired from his job.

Writing on his Instagram account after, May said: ‘I was sent home early today because I didn’t have on my Comerica Park shirt and they say I was at the bathroom for too long. ‘So they yelled at me and told me to go home. But since they made me go home early I couldn’t wait until after the game to tell them an employee was spitting in customer pizzas!!! 🤮🤮🤮#detroittigers @worldstar #worldstar#detroit f @theshaderoom ‘The customers don’t deserve this!! This is disgusting! ‘And for the company to threaten me and let me go for exposing this video to the fans is also disgusting!!😡’

Local news station WXYZ showed the clip to people visiting Comerica Park – with several recoiling in horror on seeing what Kerley allegedly did.

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