Senator Ben Bruce has called for the termination of appointment of the Minister of Health, Isaac Adewole, over his recent comment on Nigeria medical graduates.

Adewole was recently accosted by journalists who asked him what the government was doing to provide more places of residency where medical doctors trained in Nigeria, can practice.

Adewole in his response says not everyone who graduates as a medical doctor would practice. According to him, some would end up becoming farmers or tailors like his personal fashion designer.

Reacting to Adewole’s comment via his twitter handle, Ben Bruce wrote

”When both President Buhari and his son needed urgent medical care, they went to Europe. Yet the minister of health tells medical students they can’t all be specialist, saying they can be farmers and politicians. If I were the President, that man would not have a job the next day!”.

Ben Bruce calls for sack of Minister of Health following his comment on Nigerian medical graduates

Watch a clip of the Minister making the comment below.

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