PDP has urged Joshua Dariye, the former Plateau State Governor who is currently in prison, to focus on prayers rather than attracting unnecesary attention.

The party also described the purchase of election forms by former Plateau State Governor Joshua Dariye as “ridiculous”.

Speaking on the decision by the All Progressives Congress (APC) to support Dariye, Ben Shignugul, PDP Vice Chairman (Plateau Central) described the move as “shocking”.  He said:

“It is shocking that a convict serving a 14-year jail term will be given a nomination form to contest an election. This is just ridiculous. The nomination form has a portion which requests aspirants to state whether they were once convicted; I wonder what information Dariye provided in that column.

He (Dariye) is our illustrious son and we sympathise with him. We expect him to be sober and reflect on what has happened to him, instead of allowing himself to be dragged around by desperate politicians.”

Shignugul also noted that the Plateau PDP executive council, led by its chairman, Damishi Sango, have visited Dariye in Kuje prisons and wished him well, he said: “we still pray that he will serve out his 14-year jail term and come out in good health. Dariye should equally be praying, instead of attracting unnecessary attention to himself.”

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