As embarrassing and disgusting as farting may be, it is a way for the body to release gas which builds up in the body when food gets digested.

But gas can’t be held back forever and trapping it inside can cause damage to digestive health. While no one likes to be in a stinky situation, gas can get reabsorbed in the body if it doesn’t find a way out and can even escape through the mouth, reports

If held in for too long, it can just find its way out in form of an uncontrollable fart which can be even more humiliating.

When food is digested in the small intestine, components which can’t be broken down move to the large intestine where bacteria break them down by fermentation producing gases in the process.

Holding back this gas can cause a build up of pressure leading to abdominal distension. Some gas gets reabsorbed in circulation and is exhaled.

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