Dr Ibrahim Yakubu, a Gynaecologist based in Abuja, has said that surgical removal of fibroid was not the final solution in treating the condition.

Yakubu made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in Abuja.

He explained that there could be possible re-growth and complications after myomectomy, adding that there are also chances of tubes blockage which could possibly cause infertility.

Myomectomy refers to a surgical removal of fibroid.

The expert emphasised that surgical removal of fibroid should be the last option if it was not causing any possible problems such as heavy flow, constipation and bloating among others.

He however challenged medical experts on comprehensive counselling and adequate information for patients on the complications that may arise during and after surgery.

According to him, it is better to leave the fibroid if it is not problematic to the patient.

“There are other medical ways of reducing the size such as an injection for every three months, six months, others to help shrink it,’’ he said.

Yakubu however cautioned that the injection could cause a patient to experience signs of menopause, adding that it does not usher a patient into early menopause.

The gynaecologist further noted the availability of a contraceptive device that could be used in preventing re-growth of fibroid for patients that had undergone surgical removal of fibroid.

He said: “Such contraceptive device will be inserted for two to five years and be removed when the patient is ready to start bearing children.’’

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