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A survey issued by Today interviewed more than 7,000 moms from the U.S. According to the results, most of them rated their stress levels at 8.5 out of 10. Plus, almost 50% of the moms claimed their husbands stressed them more than children. (1)

Most mothers felt irritated and stressed when they had no time to do their daily tasks.

Also, 75% of them claimed they did everything around the house and watched over the children. In fact, one in every five mothers claimed to become stressed because their husbands will not help them out.

They claimed their husbands would only sit on the couch, play games, or completely ignore the children.

Women Cope Better When Their Husbands Leave

According to research by the University of Padova, men are negatively affected when their wife passes away because they rely on her. While women don’t rely on their husbands to take care of them. As a result, they can cope better without their husbands, (2)

In fact, this research claims that widows are less stressed from the loss of a partner. According to the lead researcher Dr. Caterina Trevisan, men depend on their wife. They need her to take care of the house and keep them on the right track.

That is why women are more stressed and frustrated when they accept this restrictive role. Most women are emotionally drained when they have to take care of the children and the husband.

In other words, they completely devote themselves to taking care of everything around the house.

Dr. Trevisan claims that these results are a prove why single women are less likely to be depressed. This same study also stated that single women are less anxious and are better at their job because they don’t get distracted by family problems.

Also, they don’t have to isolate themselves from the social life, which makes them incredibly happy. That is why they have stronger relationships with friends and family.

Also, Dr. Trevisan claims that the more financially stable a single woman is, the greater the chance for her to be emotionally fulfilled and satisfied with her life.

The reason why women might be stronger without a husband is because they have better coping mechanisms and resources. They know how to live independently, and they abide by their list of responsibilities.

They split up their duties and use their time wisely. This way they don’t waste their entire day wondering where they should start.

Women Are More Organized

According to these studies, some women are more organized than men. They always plan their dates, appointments, and duties. They know exactly what they should do to complete everything that needs to be done. (3)

That is why they don’t need to rely on their husbands to do the work for them. After all, most men don’t like to do anything around the house. After all, why do it when there is someone else who will do the work for them?

That is why this study claims men are stressing women more than children. In the end, most men end up leaving all the housework duties and ignore the children, so that the wife will do all the work for them.


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