Poisoned Disneyland Paris holidaymakers suffered nausea and breathing problems after a swimming pool chemical mix-up, according to reports.

Twenty-two guests and members of staff at the New York Hotel fell ill last Friday, with four requiring hospital treatement.

Paris’ Le Parisian newspaper reports bleach and sulphuric acid were added to one of the establishment’s swimming pools, causing chlorine gas to be released.

Firefighters evacuated the area – including first-floor rooms – after fumes started rising from the water.

When breathed in, chlorine fumes can cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness, chest pain and violent coughing. They may also cause skin or eye irritations.

According to reports, the pool was shut off and drained.

Emergency services were called, and four of the 22 people affected were sent to hospital.

Many guests at the hotel were put up in different rooms away from the swimming and the pool was shut off.

The pool was still shut down on Monday after the incident.

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