Former Gov Tinubu on Tuesday at APC Stakeholders meeting reacted to Obasanjo’s recent criticism of the President Muhammadu Buhari-administration. He said that if Obasanjo had laid a strong foundation when he became president in 1999, Nigeria will not be in the mess it is in today.

According to punch,he said ”Look at us in Lagos, we can get angry with one another, it is only God that has perfection. When you elected me as governor, I laid the foundation. If we didn’t lay the foundation for Lagos, there’s no amount of wisdom that Fashola may have that will make the state as progressive as it has been.

If we didn’t lay the foundation, there’s no amount of wisdom that Ambode may possess that will make things as smooth as they are…so, Obasanjo that is talking, if he had laid a strong foundation in Abuja, the country would not have scattered; things would not have been going the way they are going. And you (Obasanjo) want to sit in Ota; face your chicken and egg business.

You cannot govern from Ota; you cannot tell us who to vote for; you have used up your time. Let us tell Obasanjo so. Our Buhari is our own; we were the ones who brought him and we will secure the second term for him.

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