Sony is known all over the world for one thing, best camera lens which are used by premium smartphone makers all over the world so this news comes as no surprise to see SONY doing what it does best by launching the world’s first camera lens with massive 48MP sensor.

The release of this sensor is what can be described as its highest resolution image sensor for smartphone cameras ever made.

The new CMOS sensor is called IMX586 and has 48 effective megapixels and can shoot detailed images at 8000×6000 pixels. It can also capture HD shots when clicked with zoom-in as well.

Sony says it has achieved world’s first ultra-compact pixel size of 0.8 um.

As seen on the company’s own website, Sony plans to ship the samples of the 48 MP IMX586 camera sensor by September this year. So in all likeliness we may see smartphones featuring this sensor in 2019.

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