Scientists have developed a blood test that could measure how long you have left to live.

The study is one of countless research programs around the world currently racing to develop the best ‘lifespan calculator’, which would be able to quantify your cells’ age, as opposed to your ‘chronological age’.

The Yale University researchers behind this new paper insist their measurements offer the most accurate, practical and easy-to-interpret result of any study to date since they largely used factors which are measured in an annual physical.

They say the findings could easily be translated into a 23AndMe-style test in the near future. But unlike genetic tests, these results are not set in stone.

Lead author Dr Morgan Levine, a Yale pathologist, told Daily Mail Online her next aim is to identify factors that drive cell aging, so doctors can help their patients extend their lifespan by tweaking their diet or exercise habits.

In young or middle aged people, everyone thinks that they are healthy and fine, but that’s not always the case,’ Dr Levine told Daily Mail Online.

‘This test could actually tell people their real risk, so they can monitor those factors before they become a problem.’

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