Researchers have found and recorded the coldest place on Earth using satellite.

Located on an ice sheet deep in Antarctica, the area is minus 62 degree centigrade (-144 degree Fahrenheit). According to scientists, this might be the coldest it would ever be due to global warming.

According to Ted Scambos, a researcher at the National Snow and Ice Data Center at the University of Colorado, Boulder, the place is so cold that it looks like another planet.

The coldest ever place recorded was the Russian Vostok Station near the South Pole which was minus 53 degrees Celsius in 1983.

Just like the newly discovered coldest place on Earth, inhaling the air in such cold weather is a death sentence,Popular Mechanics reports.

According to scientists, inhaling more than a few breaths of air that cold would cause human lungs to hemorrhage.

The Russian scientists who investigated the former coldest place, had to wear masks that warmed the air before they breathed in.

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