Lami Phillips, a wife, mother and singer, has said a musician needs nothing less than N6m to promote a song. Spekaing to Dupe Ayinka Olasunkanmi Lami spoke also spoke about being singe don to Harrysong;s record label and more….

How has funding been for your career?

Promoting music in Nigeria is very expensive. It takes about six million to promote one song. Investors make a big difference. I endeavour to collaborate with organizations to relieve myself of the heavy expenses but it’s still tough. My goal isn’t for cars or flashy jewelry (not because they are bad but because it’s not really who I am). My goal is to be financially free and wealthy and I’m learning how to use my gifts and skills to get there.

The ultimate goal is peace of mind so I don’t do more than I should…

How do you feel, being the first lady of Alter Plate Music?

Harry is like my father! Protective and invested in helping me articulate my vision. We are learning more about each other and fine tuning our working relationship. The great thing is, as an artiste who has had to work hard to come up, he gets me and is mindful of whom I am. He isn’t trying to make me compromise my values, my sound or myself.

Do you see another female on the label stealing the show?

I am my only threat. I never see another woman or person as a threat. I’m too secure in my identity and purpose for that! I hate that they keep making women think they are threats to each other. I love it when I see another woman succeed; it tells me there is hope and reminds me that women are powerful beyond comprehension.

You have been married for over 10 years, how do you manage your career with your home?

There’s nothing to manage. My career is my job, my home is my life. I simply prioritize. Nothing and nobody can compare or compete with my husband or kids. They are my life.

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