The owner of, and, Mr. Divine O. Daniel, is a year older today, and I’m sorry, I cannot keep calm about this. When someone imparts your life and the lives of numerous others out there without wanting anything in return, in a country where nothing goes for free, then there’s no better way to celebrate such person other than to say thank you, and whisper a little prayer for him.

Mr. Daniel has been a friend, a brother and an uncle. His kind deeds are immeasurable. If he were an artist, he’d have been the kind that would have been so good, no awards would be enough to qualification him.

Words cannot express how we at NBH are grateful to be under your tutelage. We congratulate you today on your birthday, and pray that your kindness be replenished with God’s grace, long life, good health, God’s protection, and prosperity.

As you eat your cake today, it’s alright to include the tray, because a little self-treat to a nice birthday can’t be selfishness.

We do love you!

Happy birthday sir!

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