A woman was shot and killed by her boyfriend on Erie Boulevard, New York. He then tried to escape the scene but was knocked down by a car and died.

Nahjayyah Daise, 21, from Albany, New York, and Larnell Kennedy, 22, had been dating on and off. But on Sunday, Larnell shot Daise as she drove them down a busy Albany street.

Larnell allegedly shot Daise, who was driving, in the head three times from inside the vehicle. The car then struck a utility pole and stopped. Larnell then took Daise out of the car, got into the driver’s seat, put the vehicle in reverse and ran over Daise’s body before another motorist used their car to block Larnell’s car from leaving, police said.

Police say that Larnell then ran from the scene on foot, attempted to cross nearby Interstate 90 and was killed when a car hit him. Both were pronounced dead at Albany Medical Center.

Police said at a news conference at Albany police headquarters that they believe that the couple had been together “on-and-off” for four to five years and that they had separated just before the weekend’s incidents.

“There is no indication that anything like this was ever going to happen,” Acting Chief Robert Sears said. “They did have their ups and downs during their relationship but nothing that would ever indicate something like this would happen.”

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