This is the chilling moment a jilted boyfriend fatally shot his ex-girlfriend outside her university dorm.

Killer Pukkapong Chittarom, 24, went looking for student Natchareeya Thaprajit, 21, near her hostel in Bangkok, Thailand, this morning. The pair had known each other for about five years but had recently separated, with Natchareeya refusing to reconcile with him.

Jilted boyfriend shoots girlfriend dead then hugs her corpse (video)

He was seen on CCTV waiting outside her dormitory. She emerged with a classmate at around 11.30am local time. Natchareeya, a third-year business logistics student, was on her way to classes at the Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University and briefly stopped when she saw her ex. He tried to talk to her but she refused to talk with him and as she turned to walk away, he pulled out a handgun. She then turns to face him and he shoots her in the chest.

Afterward, Pukkapong then sits down next to her, hugs her body, before turning the gun on himself, unloading a bullet into his mouth. He, however, survived the shooting.

Jilted boyfriend shoots girlfriend dead then hugs her corpse (video)

Police and emergency services arrived but Natchareeya was pronounced dead at the scene. Pukkapong was taken to hospital after the bullet exited through his cheek.

Lieutenant Colonel Kittipon Udomsiripatchara said: “Police will investigate the case and speak with the family of the deceased. CCTV is being used to trace the movements of the killer. We know that he was waiting near the room in a pick-up truck.”

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