According to reports, a boxer Gary Chu, is believed to have killed his date, Yee-min Huang, after they met on dating app, Tinder. Chu after murdering Huang, went ahead to kill himself in Taiwan

Police say it is believed that the 28-year old Chu,  murdered her in a jealous rage upon discovering that she is a virgin. Huang, 27, is also believed to have been cheating on him at the time of the killing.

CCTV captured the moment the couple went into Chu’s flat where it is believed he killed and then dismembered her – dumping her body in rubbish bags.

Chu was an MMA fighter and boxer living in New Taipei City – he killed himself days after the death of Huang.

Police found a suicide note with the words “she wronged me” when he was discovered hanged. Chu had launched a rant on Facebook before his death as family members searched for missing Huang.

He claimed he “never once hurt her or restricted her freedom” and said “after we met on Tinder, she lied to me saying she was a virgin”. The MMA fighter also claimed she kept coming back to him when he tried to break-up with her.

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