A couple had their date night ruined after their waitress humiliated them in front of other diners over their tip.

An unnamed US man recently took to Imgur to explain he had taken his date to a “fun and classy restaurant” when the incident occurred.

He said the evening had gone well until it was time to settle the bill.

The man had enough cash to cover the total — which came to around $US70 .

But he had forgotten to bring enough money to cover the entire tip, which is usually 20 per cent of the bill’s total in the US.

But they managed to fork out $13.

However, the waitress was less than impressed.

“So the waitress comes over and picks up the bill with a smile. A minute later she comes back, smile gone, asking if something bad happened or if we experienced poor service,” the man explained.

“Now, this should’ve been a smaller, contained incident, but the server wanted EVERYONE in the restaurant to know my transgression because the volume of her voice was turned up just enough to turn the heads of everyone there,” he wrote.

“The glare, the body language, and the tone of her voice did not give off any sympathetic vibes.”

The diner said the waitress then loudly made several rude comments including:

“If you can’t afford the tip then I suggest you choose a more suitable establishment in the future.”“Causing a scene and shaming a customer because of a low tip while on the job to their face … well, she made sure to lose two customers that night,” he wrote.

“I know that doesn’t make a difference in the grand scheme of things, but as someone who worked in the service industry before, word can spread, both good and bad.

“And that could be the difference between affording rent that week or not for you and your fellow servers … b**ch about the customers after they’re gone, not to their faces.”

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