Meghan Markle has to face a lot of new rules now she’s married into the royal family. No more social media. No selfies. No getting involved in politics. And, of course, no more dark nail polish.

According to Metro UK, at all public appearances for the royal family, only natural-looking nails are permitted – meaning no dark polish, no massive fake talons, and no trendy nail art .

As a result of this rule, you won’t have seen Kate Middleton rocking any nail colours other than a neutral, sheer pink since she married Prince William – and now you’ll see the same on the hands of Meghan Markle.

While Meghan has broken traditional style rules with her preference for messy buns, it looks like the nail polish rule is one she’ll follow.

Meghan has only been pictured wearing light pink polish since the announcement of her engagement back in November 2017.

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