In recent weeks, Nigerians’ attention has once again shone on the activities of internet fraudsters, known as ‘Yahoo Boys’ following the recent EFCC arrests around a popular Lagos nightclub.

You will not believe the lengths these individuals reportedly go to acquire their fortune. In the last decade, media reports have told of desperate people who sell body parts (of themselves and unfortunate associates) to fund their lifestyles. Beyond that, some have taken to diabolical means to become rich, practically overnight- just to maintain their facade of being a ‘Lagos big boy’ who spends millions at nightclubs and hospitality centres.

The advent of social media has also exposed these people as they cannot resist showing off on Instagram and Snapchat. New reports show that many of these Yahoo Boys, like the cliche plots of Nollywood movies, often resort to human sacrifice in order to make the money rain. Truth, they say, is stranger than fiction.

According to findings, here are some of the shocking, diabolical things Yahoo Boys do to concoct their wealth.

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