A new documentary about the life of Whitney Houston that was produced by the late singer’s aunt Pat and received the blessing of her family premiered at Cannes on Wednesday night,reveals a number of shocking new details about the later singer’s life.

It claims that she was molested by her cousin Dee Dee Warwick and the fact that daughter Bobbi Kristina made her first attempt to take her own life before her mother passed away.

It is also revealed that at one point in her life, Bobbi Kristina voiced a desire to kill her own mother and make it look like an accident or natural death for which she would never be suspected or caught.

That murderous impulse is presented in the documentary as an example of the cycle of abuse that followed Whitney throughout her life, right up until her death at the age of 48.

Whitney will be released in theaters this July.

‘The doc reveals that Bobbi Kristina once attempted suicide while Houston was alive, cutting her arms. She apparently said she wished she could find a way to kill her mother without anyone finding out,’ wrote Amy Kaufman of the Los Angeles Times on Twitter.

‘On the day Houston died, she made spiritual references to her bodyguard and told her assistant she needed to get right with Jesus. She sent the assistant to get cupcakes and when she returned 30 minutes later, Houston was face down in an overflowing bathtub.’

Three years later, Bobbi Kristina suffered a similar tragic fate.

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