A woman has been arrested after she filmed herself skinning, cooking and eating endangered animals so that she could earn money on Youtube.

Ah Lin Tuch sparked outrage at her choice of food as she presented a ‘survivalist’ life. She ate:

-An endangered fishing cat

-A large lizard

-Several protected species of birds

-A king cobra

-Shark Stingrays


However viewers reported her when they realised that many of the animals she was eating near her home in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, were actually protected species.

She and her husband Phoun Raty were tracked down by the country’s Ministry of Environment and have publicly apologised for ‘destroying our wildlife’.

The couple claimed that they bought the wildlife ‘from a local market’ then cooked it.

Environment officials are now investigating whether the animals were killed in the wild or bought from illegal stalls while they prepare the prosecution.

Ah Lin said:

‘I don’t even know what kind of animals or birds we used or their impact on wildlife conservation.

Ah Lin’s husband, Phoun, said they had intended to earn a living from the social media channel which had so far earned them $500 for Google sponsored adverts being shown on the clips.

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