US Presidnet Donald Trump yesterday said the US is deeply concerned about the religious crisis experienced in many parts of Nigeria, particularly the attacks on Christians and Muslims. President Trump said this when he spoke at the joint press conference he had with Presidnet Buhari this evening at the White house.

”We are deeply concerened by religious violence in Nigeria including the burning of churches and the killing and persecusion of Christians. It is a horrible story. Wr encourage Nigeria, the Federal and local leaders to do everything in their power to immediately secure the affected communities and protect innocent civilians including Muslims and Christians”

Trump made this clear while playing host to Buhari at the White House on Monday.

“We have had very serious problems with Christians who are being murdered in Nigeria, we are going to be working on that problem very, very hard because we cannot allow that to happen,” Trump said.

Buhari promised that his administration was working hard to address the menace, especially in the North West of the country.

He also thanked the US government for approving the sale of military hardware to Nigeria.

Watch a video of him speaking below

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