A 35-year-old businessman was arraigned for beating his wife over claims that she welcomed a pastor into their house, cooked for him then escorted him out in the night.

Aggrey Obaje is said to have assaulted and injured his wife, Teresa Atieno, on March 30 within Shauri Moyo area of Nairobi, Kenya after the wife could not explain what relationship she had with the pastor.

The prosecution said that the wife, Atieno had welcomed the preacher for prayers while the husband was away then served him tea and buttered bread like she did with any other visitor.
But at 9 pm, her husband arrived and found the wife and the pastor having the meal.

“Obaje asked who the visitor was and what he was doing in their house at such an ungodly hour, the pastor replied that he had brought the good news of salvation and would not mind to also pray for the head of the family,” read part of the charge particulars.

The court heard that Atieno read mischief in his husband’s conduct and excused herself to see off the preacher. She took their young daughter just to show that she had nothing fishy in seeing off the pastor.

The charge particulars added,

“The accused Obaje asked the wife where she was going and what she was doing with the strange pastor outside the house. She responded that she was escorting the preacher to a nearby church but this did not go down with the husband who mocked her of cooking for the preacher and not for her real husband.”

Atieno returned to the house but Obaje locked the door from inside, prompting her to continuously knock as she begged him to open the door for the sake of their daughter.

The prosecution heard that Obaje emerged from the house, grabbed his wife and slapped her in the face.

Minutes later, neighbours milled around the house and managed to rescue Atieno who was screaming uncontrollably before prevailing on Obaje to allow his wife and young daughter in.

Atieno later reported her husband to the police and subsequently charged him to court. However, he was released on bail after denying the charges.

The case was postponed until July 31 for a mention.


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