David Ibiyeomie founder and senior pastor of Salvation Ministries, in Port Harcourt, has condemned the norm of sex for marks in universities. While addressing his congregation on Sunday Pastor Ibiyeomie condemned this and many more acts carried out in Nigerian universities. Read..

“The Church is a place where societal ills are addressed and corrections dispensed in accordance with biblical and moral standards. If the Church remains silent regarding these issues, the society will suffer moral degradation and corruption. A trend has been observed in most of our Universities and it is considered so normal that some teaching staff regard sexual intercourse with female students as one of the fringe benefits of their status as lecturers. Continue below…

It has become such a status quo that students no longer bother reporting because the Universities seem to have developed a code of silence that protects the ‘cult’ of predators who hunt the Universities regarding these issues. Female students attend lectures with fear and a certain willingness to give their bodies in exchange for academic grades.
Female students, please listen attentively; in the real world where your skill and competence will be tested, what will you have to give? For how long will you pay for grades and a job with your bodies? It is time you stop. Rather, focus on developing yourselves mentally to the point where no one will be able to molest you.

Lecturers, listen up; do you have daughters, sisters or female relatives? How would you feel if their teachers failed them because they refused them sexual gratification and ‘sorting’ (because the men regard it as sorting). While you are thinking of the immediate gratification, remember your students would not remain students forever. What would you be remembered for? If you think about this, you would reconsider your actions and change from harassing students. Lecturers please allow the young people to grow. I think it is unethical to ask for sex or money in exchange for grades. It is not a standard in any academic circle in the developed world. To this end, our universities should protect female students rather than make them prey to men who have literally sold out their conscience. Ladies, be bold enough to speak out against such victimization and if the school authorities would not take necessary action, the Church would pray such corrupt lecturers out.

Student Unions, listen up; your associations in unions should not be geared toward political affiliations, but rather for the rights of students through dialogue and public enlightenment and not unnecessary violence. Listen attentively; shun unnecessary protests, riots and other vices, but take a stand against every immorality and disregard for sanity. All students must unite and seek justice in favour of your fellow students against sexual harassment and extortion because today, in the United States of America, students have become united in their stand against gun violence in Schools and they are underway to influencing the government to change the Gun Laws in that great nation. I want to say to all of you, that, where values become eroded, the voice of the society will lose its essence. We must take our stand for this nonsense to stop and it must stop in our time.

Thank you and God bless Nigeria.”

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