A deacon was given a black eye, had his ear cut and was bitten on the arm by his jealous wife over an alleged affair.

Reverend John Foley, 72, from Berkshire, was beaten by wife Linda seven times.

Magistrates heard she also threatened to gouge out his eyes amid claims Rev Foley was having an affair with a parishioner.

Linda, who has been married to John for 50 years, denied assault but was found guilty after a hearing in Reading, The Sun reports.

The retired florist was given a year’s conditional discharge and a restraining order.

The couple, who have four children and 12 grandchildren together, have now separated following the incident, which resulted in police being called to their £300,000 home in Mortimer Common, Berkshire on numerous occasions.

Reverend Foley said yesterday: ‘It’s a sad situation.

When asked if he had indeed had an affair, he said it ‘depends what you qualify as an affair’.

But prosecutor Anne Sawyer-Brandish told magistrates: ‘He has been having an affair, which caused problems between them.’

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